Day 766 dropping some people instead of bombs

Today is Monday. Today, we got snow. Wow, what a surprise..not. Then it rained all day. Two guys came out and cut down 3 trees that threatened to take power lines down again. Geesh! The forest or what’s left of it looks like a war zone.
Today, I spoke with my friend Tracey who started a petition to drop Theresa May instead of bombs. I laughed until it hurt. I bet we could name some people we’d like to drop, eh?
Today, I was officially asked to be a board member for the justice reform group I attend. I am already looking for health professionals, compassionate lawyers, and others to serve with us.
Matt is still thinking about being a human rights lawyer. He would make a stellar one.
Tomorrow I have a job interview. I’m hoping..;)

Peace my friends..;)❤

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