Day 765 Manny

Today is Sunday. Today, I am often reminded of what a screwed up country I live in. I wrapped my arm around an older Puerto Rican man, who is quite possibly one of the most grateful human beings, I have encountered. I just let him cry on me.
He is missing most of his teeth, he lives, I am guessing on a small social security check and can’t afford most places to live. So, he shared a place with an alcoholic who was in a rage recently and threw him out. The older man slept in a tent outside last night when it was quite frigid.
He was in prison before, so he doesn’t have too many options for housing.
I suspect there are millions of my friend Manny out there.
Honestly, I keep wondering what it will take for many more people to rise up, get a heart and stand against the inequality.

Matt tells me continually that its the boots on the ground not the gov’t leaders or corporate execs who give a damn. We have to be the ones to step out and care for those ignored, labeled, discarded, rejected by those who should give a damn.
I fed Manny, today, and listened to him. It was not nearly enough; but it’s a start. He was so grateful.
I just cry when I think about it. Why do the people with the sweetest hearts suffer so much in this world?

Get your boots on and go be a blessing to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

Peace💕 As Manny would say, “Dios te bendiga.”

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