Day 757 bobcat

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul and I saw a bobcat cross the street and saunter into the woods. It was in no hurry and acted like it owned the place.
It was beautiful and fierce with a definite f–k off attitude.
I suspect we’d be less apt to be hurt if we had that kind of disposition; but, to have a passion caring for others makes us vulnerable. Compassion doesn’t mean we are weak; on the contrary, it takes a bit of courage to care about difficult people.
Yet, we can be fierce like the bobcat in our desire for truth and being the voice for those who have been denied a voice.
Today, I read a tweet sharing a letter from a prisoner who wants a penpal. He is 37 years old and has been sentenced to 49 years.
This system absolutely SUCKS! We ought to be so totally ashamed. How about we make America humane?

Goodnight dear friends. I need a hug. I’m sure you could use one,too.

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