Day 720 Down with Dystopia

Today is Thursday. Today, I think I’ve had quite enough of the newest dystopian books, movies and television series. It screams of a very sad and ill society.
I’m not saying we should gloss over the serious problems we have; but I refuse to fill my head with fictitious death, horror and destruction when we have so much of it in the world at large.
Yet, there are some people, groups, organizations who fight hard to make positive changes and make a difference in others lives.
We can choose to see the world through dark glasses or take them off regularly to find the light and move towards it.
Dystopia be damned. Let’s be about acts of kindness no matter how small we think them. Be spontaneous and bring some of that light to others. Force them to remove the dark glasses of despair, disappointment, feeling alone and share a bit of love.
I have this friend across the sea who has an incredibly tender heart. He is a valiant warrior in my opinion but he has a very compassionate side.
My son openly sheds tears for those who he sees as being unjustly treated. Compassion is not weakness; on the contrary, it is a noble and beautiful heart.
We can choose to accept the dystopian view or we can overcome it even if it is one person at a time.
It’s easy to get discouraged: so we must make an effort to encourage because by doing so, we will be encouraged ourselves.

Much much love my friends..šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•

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