Day 719 Matthew Keys uncaged :)

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was ever so fortunate to meet with a woman who runs a small business. We had some very frank and honest conversation and in the end, she wants to hire those just released from prison to give them a second chance at life. She asked me to notify the members on the reform board that I meet with monthly.
I wanted to sing and dance in the street.
Do you know how many applications I fill out for a job that want criminal background checks as the most important item? Yet, here is a woman who wants to look her potential employee in the eye and give that person a job.
Sometimes, maybe most times, you feel as though you can’t make a difference; at least I feel that way. I’m not exactly the most polished or articulate person; but I do care, I really care.
I know it’s only one person; but, one person can maybe become two or three. What if we were a community of second chance givers? OMG.

Today is the day Matthew Keys has been uncaged. Double party of singing and dancing.  I can take him off my prison support list.  This is a grand day indeed. Much much love Matthew and it has been an honor to write you.

I have this wooden plaque that sits on a shelf by my front door.  It tells me to never, never, never give up.  I won’t because I love too many people.

Blessings and peace.  I believe true happiness comes from seeing good things happen in the lives of others.


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