Day 749 a “down under” blessing

Today is Friday. Today, I received a blessing from a treasured soul “down under.”
One day I am going to meet the rag tag of
people who have supported Matt and his family. They humble me with their love.
Shell…you are a selfless warrior with a heart as big as your country.
Thank you. I love you.

Peace my friends.

Day 748 rejection doesn’t mean reject

Today is Thursday. Today, I received 2 reject letters from jobs I applied for. So, I applied for 2 more
I’m wondering at this point if I’d have better luck playing the lottery..ha ha ha.
Never give up; that’s what they tell me. Someone is going to get one heck of an employee when I do get hired.
Peace my friends. Keep Matt in your thoughts and prayers. He has not gotten an answer yet.

Day 747 angels in trio

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was treated to a late breakfast and then a movie by 3 ladies; two I had never met before and one who I met once.
The kindness, the compassion, and the acceptance touched me beyond words.
I am always trying to love on our most vulnerable. I forget that sometimes I am vulnerable.
You have heard the the phrase “what goes around comes around.” For me, I believe in reaping what we sow. Jesus says in the “sermon on the mount” that those who are merciful will be shown mercy.
Oh what mercy I was shown to today by three strangers; angels in disguise.
Today was 57 degrees and the sun shone for me. My heart grew wings for the first time in such a long time.
Love is an action. Love was 3 very dear ladies blessing me today.

Oh my friends, an act of kindness can make such an impact that we have no idea how it will change the course of events in someone’s life.

To Melody, Louise and Anne, a trio of angels, you made me feel truly cared for.
Thank you💕

Today, my son Matt bubbled over with mirth because his mom was treated with such kindness.

Day 746 Staying upright

  1. Today is Tuesday. Today, I made cauliflower soup with coriander. I also put out resumes for 10 jobs.
    Today, I received a letter from one of my guys needing stamps. I have enough to share half a book with him.
    All is good. Life is a series of sprints. Sometimes you can run like the wind and nothing is dragging you down; but,
    many times you can only manage getting one foot in front if the other with the focus on keeping upright..;)
    We are not islands unto ourselves. We need each other to stumble onward.
    Thank you warmly and sweetly to a couple of dear souls who wanted to encourage a cybermom..;)❤

Day 745 a little act of kindness can go a long way

Today is Monday. Today, I have to be honest. Today, I ran out of money for food. It has been one very tight ride lately. This job search thing is really starting to irritate me. Good thing I have more than a few pounds to lose..:) I am pretty savvy at making some decent eats out of unlikely things. Those days in Canada when we were struggling taught me well.
It’s not easy out there securing employment these days. I am a woman and not 35. Hey, I know how it works. I’ve been through the less pay thing and promotions going to some white men with sawdust for brains.

Today, Matt called. The phones are messed up; so, he calls at random times instead of the planned evening conversations. He is quite anxious about the decision coming down. I try to be the positive cheerleader. It takes work some days.

If you feel moved to encourage him, drop him a postcard:

Matthew DeHart 06813-036
FCI Ashland
PO Box 6001
Ashland, KY 41105

A little act of kindness goes a very long way.

Today, I saw more grass than snow in my yard. Woo Hoo! Shhh…perhaps Spring is around the corner. When the tree branch that hangs over my driveway bursts a leaf, there is going to be a party.

Keep me in prayer for that job. It’s out there and I am going to get it.

peace and much love..:)

Day 744 My trees

Today is Sunday. Today, I made it back home. Today, I wanted to hug a tree. Today, I came back to no sign pollution, much less traffic, much less erratic driving, much less attitude and more trees..hehe..;) To each her own, eh?
Today, I noticed dozens of deer tracks in my backyard. I’ve been putting out apples. Probably not the smartest thing since I want to plant apple trees. But, I just love the critters out here in my woods.
They just eat the apples and give me great pleasure. It’s a little bit of peace from the war against evil.

Keep journalist Brian Hill in your thoughts and prayers. He fears for his life.  Telling the truth will get you smeared, imprisoned and yes, killed.

Peace my friends.

Day 743 Keep the light on against the darkness

Today is Saturday. Today, I learned from some other people who have been brutalized, lied about and a son imprisoned based on gov’t lies. The corruption is so widespread, so far reaching, so embedded.
For all of you who have seen or experienced this evil, we stand with you because we KNOW.
Stay strong, be of courage, know that you are not alone. There are those of us who refuse to bury our heads; we will always stand with truth; we will endeavor to keep the light on against the darkness.

Peace, much love and deep respect.💕