Day 718 WTF Moment

Today is Tuesday. Today, I want to first, apologize to any of my readers who may be offended by my purposeful slip of the keyboard. I do not engage in profanity but I can think of no other way to describe the idiocy and sheer meanness of those who unfortunately affect our lives negatively.
I will from time to time tweet out these wtf moments as they come up and I am convinced they will.

I have a prison email account with a very dear man who also happens to be one of my son’s friends. He is by far a funny, articulate and brilliant individual with whom I enjoy writing. He has admitted his crimes to me and I am not his judge; I am his friend.

He is frustrated and it pains him greatly that my son is in prison. He told me that no one believes Matt should be inside and they want him out. Yet, they are grateful that Matt is their friend. He fills their day with humor, encouragement and they truly care about him.

I can email him every day. I am not allowed to email my son who, in fact, is innocent. My son is not allowed email or have any extra phone minutes to talk to his parents.

If you don’t curse, I can almost hear it.

Today, I wish you peace and warm hugs without any profanity..:)

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