Day 714 a bit of wisdom from Paul

Today is Friday. Today, Paul posted some of his thoughts on FB which I feel are indeed wise. We need a whole new system or car. The old will not work and it hasn’t served the people for a very long time. Some thoughts from Paul:

“The Chevette came out the year I graduated high school. Then it was tauted as a new kind of American car. Today it’s on lists of the worst American cars ever.
I feel like our government today is a Chevette. Looking at horrible crash test results and they’re talk about putting new tires on it, changing the front grill design, getting a new paint scheme. Cosmetics won’t change it from a Chevette. It’s a flawed design.
I think we need to scrap the whole thing. Go back to the drawing board. Start from the ground up. Rethink the entire concept. Redesign a totally new automobile.
Perhaps take a lesson from others who are producing safe, high quality vehicles one can be proud of. Maybe even with some fahrvergnuegen.
Unfortunately the people working on trying to improve things in our government are the same engineers who designed the Chevette.
Even if they worked with their rivals at Ford to come up with an improved automobile one worth showing off to the world,
I’m afraid with this bunch all we’d get was a Pinto.
I know some of you would settle for a Chevette, a Gremlin, a Pacer, a Vega, a Pinto. But surely we can do better.

Peace my dear friends. Matt sends hugs and love. 💕

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