Day 695 Eagle

Today is Sunday. Today, I saw a bald eagle fly over the tall pines and stretch it’s enormous wings against a pale blue sky.
In Native American belief, the eagle represents very strong medecine. The Bible uses eagles as a metaphor for God and His protection. I was praying today; I mean really praying. I believe in the power of prayer unlike so called Christian politicians who pray for political hay.
I prayed for my son and his freedom. For the light to be shone on those who have done evil to him.
I prayed for Lauri Love’s safety and that the UK gov’t would stand behind their citizen and keep him home.
I prayed for Jeffrey Sterling as he manages the whole halfeway house issue.
I prayed for Julian, his health and his hearing Tuesday.
I prayed for Reality and her parents. I know that heartache very well.
Today, I saw an eagle. Today, I am hoping that it is good medecine, protection for those in my prayers.

Peace and much love friends.đź’•

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