Day 693 Resilience

Today is Friday. Today, I thought about the character of some of those I have the privilege of knowing.

Resilience: the 100 foot pine behind my house that bears heavy snow and ice as a
winter wind buffets and it sways and bends when it needs to.
Resilience: the large stone that is continually beaten by the ocean waves yet appears smooth and shiny between the next set of waves.
Resilience: Gold as it is heated and stretched and shaped.
Resilience: the sparkle of a diamond under great pressure.
Resilience: Matthew Keys who continues to research and write while in prison with the hope of sharing his thoughts.
Resilience: Lauri Love who keeps his sense of humour, courage and cheeriness in the face of extradition.
Resilience: Julian Assange who continues to publish under the most extreme circumstances and under threat.                      Resilience: Matt DeHart who simply calls me each night to encourage his parents and stays positive even through continued persecution.

The list can go on and on.

Peace my dear friends.💕

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