Day 688 Compassion is Antithetical to War

Today is Sunday.  Today, I had some thoughts regarding a tweet I sent to Lauri about the lack of compassion in this society.  It is evident by the violence, the never ending war on terrorism, the cruel systems put in place to exploit like the military industrial complex and the prison industry.

Compassion is antithetical to war

Compassion is antithetical to war; therefore, to sustain a prolonged war like the war on terror, like the war in Afghanistan (the longest war the US has ever engaged in), compassion must be killed to prolong war. Once compassion is dead, there is no peace. Without compassion, we will never seek peace with our “enemy.”

What does constant and consistent war do to a society? It conditions many people to be “at war” in their personal lives. I believe this is why we have seen “community” disappear over the past several decades. It is why many people have become suspicious of their neighbor because they see them as the “enemy.” We tend to vilify others and there must always be a villain to vanquish. Hence, a very unhealthy and even sick society emerges.

To say this is all due from perpetual war would be negligent on my part. The history of this country is replete with the slaughter and displacement of Native Americans, the enslaving of people of color and the total disregard for other human beings who don’t matter except to exploit or discard for the sake of profit.

Couple these things and you get laws that behoove the powerful and the rich. You see systems arise like the prison industrial complex and cruel punishment. Compassion would be treating people according to the crime with the intent of rehabilitation and restoration.

You see gun violence in schools and public places. What makes a young person blow away his classmates or a man walk into a theatre and open fire? Canada has the same amount of guns per capita and the people in that country aren’t constantly murdering each other.

Compassion. I spoke with a gentleman early last week who didn’t believe the gov’t should provide health care or social services to its citizens. I shared with him about a friend of mine who has worked for years and supports herself. She has recently had some major health issues that may make her lose her job. I asked him shouldn’t the gov’t have some kind of assistance to help her. He told me NO. She should crowdfund if she needed the help. He wasn’t going to pay for her problem with his taxes . I had to walk away before I said something unkind.

The absence of compassion leads to cruelty, self-righteousness, arrogance, harsh punishment, apathy, unforgiveness, torture and ultimately war on each other.

“Have a heart, “ she cried. “I do,” he replied, “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be alive.”

The walking dead; there’s no love inside. As Jesus adequately described, “White washed tombs.”

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
Albert Schweitzer

I wish you all peace and may compassion fall on you like a gentle rain from the heavens and soak you thoroughly.  🙂

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