Day 682 Pay forward

Today is Sunday. Today, I wondered how people who spend their time doing evil sleep at night.
Maybe they sleep better than the rest of us because they have no conscience and therefore; they don’t feel one iota of guilt for the destruction and heart ache they cause.
Truth be told, it is discouraging and grievous but sometimes it only takes one act of kindness, of goodwill, of mercy, of love to foster hope.
I do believe evil can be overcome with love even though it often appears unlikely.
I receved a message from someone in the past who told me that my son’s kindness and genuine concern made him want to spend the remainder of his days giving back to others who struggle in this life.
Paying forward. I didn’t come up with that idea nor did Matt. But, what an amazing and wonderful concept.
Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

I will help you light your candle and you can help me light mine.

Peace and much love..;)❤

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