Day 681 Thin ice

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul and I walked our iced over marsh. There is an island more than halfway across that we were able to stand on.
Every few yards, we saw where people had done some ice fishing. I made sure I avoided walking on the the thin ice that had formed over the holes.
Thin ice. Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances where we are not certain of our footing.
Recently, the gov’t has given enormous power of surveillance, normally meant for so called enemies but now includes US citizens, to the president.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that “if you haven’t done anything wrong” you are safe from spying or God forbid being investigated.
People have gone to jail for reading bools the gov’t doesn’t like and you”d be surprised what classifies as anarchist material.
If you are under some great delusion that honest and good hearted people are spying on you, WAKE UP! Spying..yes it’s happening and not by very nice people.
Be wise and make sure you educate yourself so you can stand on solid ground.
And if you don’t think it can happen to you, I am here to tell you my son and his parents know otherwise.


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