Day 675 Bees

Today is Sunday. Today, I went to a candle factory and was able to see how candles are made with beeswax. The owner has about 150 bee hives and makes all the candles by hand. It is quite impressive.
Today, I thought about how incredible these little creatures are. They work together as a community and create important product for all of us. Even more importantly, they pollinate so we can have fruits and vegetables to sustain our world.
We are losing so many bees because of chemicals and pesticides. Some states have lost almost half if not more of their bee population.
This Spring, we are hoping to be able to plant flowers and shrubs that will attract bees and butterflies. We have to repair the forest torn up by the storm.

Bees are constantly working to sweet honey and the world more beautiful. Maybe we should take some lessons from them.

peace and hugs…:)

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