Day 671 Update on Matt’s time

Today is Wednesday. Today, Matt called quite frustrated. If you are not aware, Matt has been working on remedies for the loss of his 14 months credited time. He went up the chain spending countless hours and dollars sending out paperwork to get a fair hearing. The corruption is so pervasive that I am a fool for entertaining the idea that one person will at least follow the rules set by the BOP, but alas that has yet to happen.
But, I digress. Matt sent his final remedy with clear evidence that his time was wrongly revoked. The paper work reached the DC office on November 21st. The paperwork is supposed to be sent in 4 copies. Matt noted that exhibit 14 was the original computation for which the BOP already has access to. He did not staple it to the original package but sent a second package with a letter stating that this exhibit belonged with the first package. Honestly, it really shouldn’t have been necessary because as I said the BOP already has the computation sheet.
Apparently, because this was not stapled to the paperwork in the first package and the BOP in DC failed to acknowledge the fact that a second package was received by them, they returned the entire package to the prison on December 19th. They rejected the entire package for a “technicality” that really was not a technicality at all.
Anyway, Matt had 15 days to resubmit; but, the prison held on to it for 20 and gave it to him today. Matt has lost the opportunity to have his last remedy reviewed and a decision made. This must be done before one can go to court I am told.
If you have ever been in doubt about the duplicity of our so called justice system, I hope you are awake now.
This is just further vindictiveness and injustice.
When we all stood before the Immigration Board in Canada and the mediator was told that Matt would not get justice in the US; well this is just another brick in the wall of confirmation.

I have to tell you that I am weary. The sadness I feel in my soul can’t be put into words.


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