Day 664 Secret

Today is Wednesday. Today, I found a poem I had started to write over a year ago. Sometimes all that can be said lies in a poem:

Secret (a poem)

That one with a burden he had to release from his soul
A man with a name the colour of grass and oceans deep
A man with a secret, a secret too agonizing to keep

Born out of desperation for power, resource and greed
The secret became a weapon turning some into dust
Igniting years of violence consuming, destroying,

If eyes are windows to the soul, then yours have seen much
If hearts hold secrets, then yours carries the weight of the world
If lips are doors, then yours only open for the trusted

How does a twig bend under enormous weight and not break?
When does a stream not find a way around a boulder thrown into it?
When does a steel cage imprison a soul that dwells on a higher plane?

The burden of another became yours; a burden you didn’t ask for
And at what personal cost having this knowledge?

Peace my friends. I hope this year brings blessings that become unforgettable memories.

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