Day 659 Frigid

Today is Friday. Today, it was really cold. I spoke to Matt this evening and it’s been quite cold in northern Kentucky, too.
The thing about frigid weather, it eventually becomes warm again and winter gives way to Spring.
Today, I thought about the young Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi. If you don’t know the story, she is a 16 year girl who was imprisoned for slapping an Israeli soldier who slapped her. It’s a continuation of a heartbreaking struggle.
I see our children standing up against tyranny and injustice and many of them are paying a very high price for it.
We have come to a time in history when challenging certain peoples, certain nations is treasonous. To point out the cruelty of others falls on deaf ears. There is a carte blanche for certain nations to brutalize others and it is considered justified.
There is a frigidity of heart that allows those to shoot and imprison children. There is a death of morals, a death of goodness, a death of humaneness. People who participate in these acts and those who justify and support them are empty shells, nothing but tombs with dead souls inside.
For all the Ahed Tamimis out there, you make us, who see your struggle, want to be better than we are.

God bless the children who want a better world not just for some but for everyone.


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