Day 658 Frost Quakes

Today is Thursday. Today, I learned about such a thing as “frost quakes.” Paul and I have been hearing banging sounds like a tree limb falling on the roof.
We discovered that lots of New Englanders have been experiencing this phenomena. It’s when there is snow on the roof and the temperatures go arctic for a period of time and the warm temp inside the house causes the ice under the snow to expand and contract. It’s much like what happens to the ice on a pond; you can hear it making noise sometimes.
We haven’t gotten above freezing since Christmas.
Today it was minus 14 as I headed off to work. Nothing a nice hot chocolate wouldn’t take care of.
Matt has spent 5 Christmases in prison. I want to believe that it won”t be number 6 this coming year.
Like Amy-Beth tells me, “Don’t give up hope.”
I am not going to..;)

Peace and blessings..💝

One thought on “Day 658 Frost Quakes

  1. Anonytrace December 29, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    Myself have also been victimised to perverse levels for the last 5 xmas’s.

    I am very humbled to see a family so close after such time, so close with the most intense unconditional love for each other.

    I only wish my family had strength to stand by their victimised member

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