Day 657 Victory

Today is Wednesday. Today, I need to hear victories even if they are small, dont’you?
Amy-Beth, this for you. I know how long you have been suffering. I can’t remember when we started to write each other; it”s been awhile.
I know how you’ve been threatened, harrassed, intimidated and tortured. I know how in your soul you wondered if there would ever be an escape from the evil. I remember telling you how my son was abused and tortured in the same state.
You are one of the most courageous women I have had the privilege to get to know. You could have given in to despair; but, you did not. You held on and you encouraged my son even though you could barely raise your own head to see what lay before you.
People think we are crazy when we talk about the evil that has been perpetrated against family members of those who stand against injustice.
My heart rejoices and my eyes fill with tears that you can be with the someone you adore.
Because of you and your brother, my hope is strengthened that one day I will have my son back.
You are a beautiful soul and I am a better person for connecting with you. Thank you for your inspiring cards and for making my son smile.
I wish the sweetest blessings on you and your brother.
Love is a force that can’t be defeated, a victory that gives us a strong heart in the coming days.

Peace and much love.🌹💝🌹💝

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