Day 653 Snow

Today is Friday. Today, it began snowing and it has yet to stop. We are expected to get between 5 and 8 inches. Ah yes, I am in the colder regions.
Tonight, Matt called. We like this time of year. Not because of all the fanfare and presents because we don’t get caught up in the whole buying thing. Instead, Christmas is about giving of one’s time, one’s service, one’s heart. It’s about all the good and precious things that are more than material objects.
Tonight, we sang a Christmas song together as a family. Matt has a very nice voice and so does Paul. When we were in Canada, we sang nearly every night during December. That seems like such a long time ago.
Christmas to me means extending our hands and hearts. It means pursuing peace and giving others mercy.
Can we not call a truce to the battles we wage? Can we not work for peace instead of working against each other?
I have lost people I counted as friends.
I miss them. There is an ache where they used to be.
Snow. It covers the broken trees, the dead plants, the crumbling pavement and makes everything appear soft and beautiful.
May special things and special people come into your life and cover over those areas that are painful, broken, crumbling; cover them like soft beautiful snow.

Peace and mercy..🌹💜

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