Day 650 What’s inside?

Today is Tuesday. Today, I was presented with information that just made me heartsick.
Speaking of hearts; they are like receptacles. Maybe a crystal vase, a wine bottle, a gift box, or a planter comes to mind..;)
The point is the heart holds whatever is poured or put into it.
If we allow mercy, kindness and love to fill the heart, then we will give out these things. How can we help but dole out what we have inside?
We will be like sweet rain to the parched; a fragrant rose, an irish flute.
On the flip side, if we allow our hearts to be filled with bitterness, vengeance and hatred, then those toxic things will poison, rip apart and destroy.
How do we want to be known? Are we safe people or are we dangerous?
Do we want to be remembered as someone who stood for what we believed and took the higher ground? Or, do we want to live our lives fighting over things that mean nothing in the big picture? Do we want to give our real enemy a leg up because we are too distracted to see the battle raging, too caught up in personal battles?
Replace the content of your heart. Let those who love you help you refill it.

Peace and hugs..;)❤

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