Day 649 a stamp and a card

Today is Monday. Today is the start of the work week for some of us. I spoke with a man in the post office who told me he was retiring after 30 years. Retire. Unfortunately, for Paul and I, we will never be able to retire. I guess we join the ranks of probably millions like us. We are in good company, I think.
Today, I saw a girl with purple hair wearing pea green clothing and driving a hatchback with so many stickers plastered all over the back of her car. Picture this with a very gray wintry background. She stood out like a neon sign in the dark. I loved it. I told her so and her smile was so bright, it was like the sun came out.
Today, I mailed off some books to kids of single moms. The post office was a zoo but everyone for the most part was patient and somewhat cheerful.
Today, Matt received a number of cards and my magazine I sent him. He was thrilled. Really, all it takes is a stamp and a card. Woo Hoo.

Peace and much love.

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