Day 643 Sharing is caring

Today is Tuesday. Today, I drove in my first winter snowstorm of the season. It has been a long time since I traversed snow covered roads and freezing rain.
I have our old CRV and I wouldn’t trade it. Not to mention it has no GPS or electronics to hack into. Yeah, I think about that stuff.
I came home and shoveled a path to the door. I have to remember I am not 30 years old.
Tonight, I baked peppermint chunk, chocolate chip, walnut cookies. There is something about baking in the winter especially as holidays come around. I like to share..;)❤
Matt is starting to buy specialty items. He likes to cook and create some interesting meals for the guys who don’t get much.
Sharing is caring.
I was speaking to friend from the UK this evening. We were talking about how suffering brought us both together. It’s not the suffering; but, what one does in spite of it that makes an unforgettable character. One can become bitter, vindictive and selfish or one can work to relieve the suffering of others. One can be kind, merciful and generous. Those who use their suffering to help others are the people I don’t ever want to forget.

Peace and blessings..😉🌹💙

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