Day 634 Channel that anger

Today is Sunday. Today, I read a quote that gave me some moments of ponder.
“Don’t waste your anger on people; but, use your anger to solve problems and affect change.”
How wise, really. Instead of focusing on or tearing up and individual, why not channel that anger into making changes where we can.
I wish we could put everything right and restore what’s lost, but we can’t always do that when it comes to people and relationships. The best we can do is admit our imperfections and forgive and be forgiven. That doesn’t always work does it? We are complicated beings with our own issues and baggage.
I sat in front of a lady in church today. She is an elementary school teacher. She asked for prayers for wisdom and strength. A little girl took her life this past week; a little elementary student. Did you get that? I just cried. Sometimes we are so busy caught up in our own things and in our own battles that we forget the children. They are plugged into social media too. They see the hate, the anger, and the battles being waged around them. As adults we need to be busy watching what we say and do because little ears and eyes are listening and watching.
Suicide is on the rise for children. They need us to encourage, love and protect them. Let’s get busy making a difference for good and call a truce with the personal battles we might be having with others. One little girl who ends her life is one child too many.

Let’s get busy being agents for change.  It’s not about the years of your life; but, how you lived your life in those years.

Blessings and peace dear friends..;)❤

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