Day 632 100 minutes and music

Today is Friday. Today, Matt received an extra 100 minutes for the month. Whew. So glad. He exhausted his last month’s and renewal isn’t for 9 more days. He gets to download Christmas music on his mp3 player and he was telling me about some British choirs he enjoys.
There’s something special and wonderful about listening to music. I sent money a couple of months ago to one of my peeps so he could buy a radio. He told me he goes to sleep listening to music. I am so grateful to be able to provide such a small bit of pleasure to a lonely soul stuck behind bars.
I think about the poor guys in Texas who were forced to drink awful water from a toilet and the guys in South Carolina who were denied water. They pooled their resources to get an attorney to represent them.
My son, who is a Christian, asks me repeatedly, “Why the further South one goes where there are more Christians is the treatment more inhumane and cruel?”
I don’t have an answer for that but it grieves my very soul.
I believe God will call us into account on how we’ve treated others. God has always been concerned with the poor, the imprisoned, the outcasts.
I just learned this evening that one of my peeps is getting released in 11 days. He will be home for Christmas!! Family dinner, Christmas tree, music; how wonderful..:)
If you know of someone in prison, send him/her a card. Give them some cheer for Christmas. Please. Let’s share a little of this wonderful time of year with those who need some love.

Enjoy my dear friends:



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