Day 631 Inner Mirror

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow will come and what are you going to do with it? Will you work to make a positive mark on the world, perhaps one person at a time? Or, will you spend it frivolously? There is a war out there, a battle for your heart and mind. Will you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with imperfect friends, peers, compatriots or will you disrupt them by waging your own personal battles against them?
Why do we look at mirrors? We want to check ourselves. Is my hair combed? Do I have a zit that needs attention? Is there a wild eyebrow hair? Does that outfit make me look fat? Do my colors clash? I can see myself as I really am.
Why don’t we use internal mirrors to check our hearts? Why don’t we look at our hearts as regularly as we do our faces? Truthfully, that would be very frightening for some of us. Perhaps the things reflected inside aren’t very attractive. Pretending there is no ugly spot on our heart is much like walking past a mirror to avoid looking at the large zit on our face.
Self-reflection. Are we going to use our talents, our strengths, our resources for the greater good of others or are we going to connive, manipulate, and perhaps destroy others for our selfish motives? Is there something in our hearts that draws us to delighting in the evil schemes of others? There is a real enemy as I have said many times before. Can we see past our own issues, our own grievances and work for the greater good?
None of us are without flaws. None of us should be throwing stones; instead, we should be building rock walls against the real enemy.
Check the mirror of your heart. Can you see and admit your own weaknesses and flaws? Can you make peace with those you are at war with? Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Death is no respecter of age.
True courage is looking into the inner mirror and straightening out our own hearts and motives.

Peace and much much love.💜🌹

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