Day 618 You ask me…

Today is Friday. Today, I am never hopeless but I do experience great frustration at times. Poetry has a way of sorting out those feelings

You ask me if I’m okay and I laugh.
Which day of the week, which hour of the day?
Hope is a raindrop in my warm hand
A misguided notion to put faith in people
People whose agenda is money, money, money.

You ask me if I’m okay and I sigh.
Today, the tears are less than the day before.
There is no valiant knight on a noble steed
With sword drawn, shield raised to protect the innocent
Because truth is dismissed and supplanted by ego.

You ask me if I’m okay and I weep.
Lives are commodity, lives are forfeit
Sacrificed to a rapacious system that imprisons and devours hope.
By complicit cowards and professional liars who feed the evil machine.
One day I believe it will all end but not soon enough.

Stay in the fight for humanity. Love is the shield, truth is our sword.

Peace and blessings..💜🌹

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