Day 606 November 5th

Today is Sunday. Today, I had the opportunity to be a guest on “the view up here” with blogshow host canadianglen.
Today is November 5th for which the million mask march begins.
I am proud to be associated with a community that values truth, justice and resistance to evil.
I don’t think I can say it any better than my son:
“The fourth estate like a fire department has one primary function. To neglect or refuse to report on the worst behavior by those in the strongest position is no different than a fire department refusing to put out a fire and I think we can agree on this. So, I ask myself how can an American story be were worth front-page treatment in Canada yet remain nearly unmentionable at home? I can only conclude that a new Iron Curtain is descending on us all; one encompassing information and ideas both vital and virtual with the goal being to subvert and suppress the truth. This began well before the election but has only accelerated since. Only by being an independent Community characterized by truth-telling and compassion can we hope to resist this trend. Our freedom is in the balance. Solidarity, peace and courage to all of you on this 5th of November.” Matthew Paul DeHart

Peace my friends.

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