Day 605 Inhale courage. Exhale fear.

“Inhale courage. Exhale fear.”

Today is Saturday. Today, there was a great deal of discussion on social media about Aaron Swartz, a computer programmer, political organizer, writer and internet activist, who died in 2013.  He was driven to suicide by the relentless and vindictive pursuit of cruel and unethical prosecution.  Aaron is the symbol for internet freedom, which has been systematically attacked.

Today, I thought about a world of bright, promising young people like Aaron, like Serena Shim, a young journalist murdered for discovering the awful truth about funding for ISIS.  Young people whose lives were snuffed out.  How did these two become “enemies” of the state?

And then there are those who sit in prison for revealing the truth about gov’t misconduct and criminality to include Jeremy Hammond, Matt DeHart, Jeffrey Sterling.

Today, I read how journalist, Barrett Brown, is still being persecuted by the DOJ.  He is not allowed to receive payment for his book/work revealing truth about the corruption in the bureau of prisons.

How many young people have to die, be imprisoned, suffer continued persecution for revealing the truth for people to wake up?

Tomorrow will be the million mask march for which there will be no coverage on main stream media.  There will be no coverage because this and other gov’ts do not want you to see that there are millions who are sick of the corruption, greed, abusive power and wars.

Truth does not like to be ignored.  It will make itself known.

Peace my friends.




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