Day 630 Watch Over Me (for Lauri Love)

Today is Wednesday. Today started the appeals hearing for Lauri. I was impressed with his defense counsel. My heart warmed to see the people in front of the court showing their support and love for this young man. If you don’t know the story, Lauri is charged with allegedly hacking gov’t entities in the US.
The US gov’t wants to extradite this autistic young man by trampling all over UK sovereignty.
As usual, the legal team for the US comes in with bluster and threats just like home. Gosh it’s so predictable and sick.
But, I digress. I wrote a poem and created some art. So, my dear young friend, Lauri, this is for you. Much love and peace to your heartsick Mum and Dad.

Watch Over Me

Just bone and flesh am I
Powerless to stand against this Empire
When my knees grow weak, my heart stalls as courage hides
Let me feel your wings, sense your reassuring smile
Please watch over me.

Standing just barely, believing truth must win
The dark fights to overshadow the light
I am not alone because I speak for so many
When my eyes close the nightmare steals inside
Let me feel your wings, sense your reassuring smile
Please watch over me.

Give wisdom to the ears that judge
Make the clever words and lies ring flat
Send a whisper of hope to stir my soul
Keep my spirit aflame and true
Let me feel your wings, sense your reassuring smile
Please watch over me.

Peace dear Lauri. Peace dear friends..๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’™

Day 629 boots on the ground

Today is Tuesday. Tonight, I had to meet with a small group of dedicated people to work on a project to help those on the registry get into support groups.
These guys are pretty much jobless, despised and treated like scum.
This is what innocent people like my son
will have to face when released from prison.
I don’t know how to help Matt with that. How does he live with a stain like this? Who will give my son a chance? People assume that those who are falsely charged are guilty.
I hear frequently “Oh, it will be great when Matt gets out. He will be free.”
Try living in a country where you get labeled, put on a registry, monitored for 10 years and treated like scum. Tell me again how great that will be.
So, tonight, I volunteered my evening to put together information to reach the innocent and offenders and help them get support.
Tonight, I took a stand. I will attempt to change my little part of the world so the innocent have a life and those who committed offenses get rehabilitation and support.
Tonight: boots on the ground. I literally wore my boots..๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š

Peace my friends๐Ÿ’œ

Day 628 My heart goes out…

Today is Monday. Today, my heart goes out to those who struggle to make a difference in this world. My heart goes out to those whose methods are not always conventional, sometimes annoying or even caustic; but deep down in their hearts they are decent and really want the best for others. They just have a difficult time showing it.
My heart goes out to people who only see their worth in the amount of money they make or the amount of accolades they receive.
My heart goes out to those who are so uncertain of their status in this world that they feel the need to cheapen others. They are failures in their own eyes.
The human psyche can be so fragile.
No one ever gets too much encouragement. No one can ever experience too much love, too much mercy, too much kindness, too much forgiveness.
To all of those who struggle with low self worth: you are one of a kind, a jewel among jewels although maybe in the rough..;)
Be kind to yourself. You are a beautiful creation because you are you. Live like you are priceless; because you are.

๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒนPeace and much love.๐Ÿ’œ

Day 627 Sending out hugs and love

Today is Sunday. Today, I woke up to see a message on social media. Today, I just prayed for those who sorely misjudged my intent. I am far from a perfect person; but, I would never purposely or intentionally hurt another human being; especially, anyone I would have called friend.
Today, it made my husband tear up to see my reaction. I was completely dumbfounded, gobsmacked. If I have ever hurt or pained anyone, I am truly sorry from the depths of my heart.
Life is stressful and quite challenging some days; but, I try hard to be merciful and kind because I need mercy and kindness.
I was pierced in my heart and if that was indeed the purpose; well, it worked.
Today, my son called and he can read me like a book. He asked me several times if I was okay. This action not only hurt me; but, it hurt Paul and now Matt.
I wish nothing but peace, health, and blessings. I ask most sincerely for forgiveness if I have offended in any way shape or form. People are important. Our enemy is not each other but those who seek to harm and destroy us. I do not want to be anyone’s enemy.
Please just go do good for those who need a voice. Spend time building up those who need support and love.ย  Solidarity.

Sending out hugs and love..:)ย  After all, we all definitely need hugs, love and understanding.

Day 626 I had a dream…

Today is Saturday.. Today, I had a dream. Today, I dreamed that a young man in England rested easy; that he had no fears, no black clouds, no threats waged against him. I dreamed he was allowed to live his life and use his brilliant mind doing good for others.
Today, I dreamed that a proud and innocent man from a people, who lived this land long before white men, would be free to dwell among his people; the people who love him.
Today, I dreamed that those who speak out for equality and truth would feel solidarity, feel supported, feel safe to speak their minds.
Today, I dreamed about skies empty of bombs and drones; villages empty of violence and war; fathers arms empty of their children’s dead bodies.
Today, I dreamed of freedom for the imprisoned; mercy for the condemned; integrity in a system of lies.
Today, I dreamed charity instead of greed, sacrifice instead of selfishness.
Today, I dreamed that my son would sit next to me and smell the fresh pine, see the stars twinkle in a dark velvet sky; and the vindictiveness of those who persecute him wouldย  disappear like smoke from a bonfire into the cold night.
Today, I had a dream.

Peace dear friends.

Day 625 Black Friday

Today is Friday. Today, I ventured out to my downtown area. I NEVER go out on black Friday. I was so delightfully surprised because it was not crowded and there were not people beating each other up to buy STUFF.
I was able to go to my local sandwich shop and have a wonderful lunch. I headed to the local bookstore to buy Matt a magazine he has been wanting and yes, there were people shopping; but it was casual and relaxed.
It was cold but the sun was shining and people were smiling.
Matt called today and we talked about the fact he was given a consecutive 18 months sentence for seeking asylum. According to international law, people can’t be punished for that but hey, I live in the US where laws are ignored, ridiculed, dismissed.
I don’t know what’s going to happen in all of this, but what I do know is that we will have to fight as a threesome like we have had to do for the past 8 years. I really miss our Canadian lawyers. They were real; they were awesome; they were our friends.
One day, it will all shake out.
Today, I saw Christmas trees for sale; live ones. I haven’t had a tree since they stole my son. Matt asked me to get one and take pictures for him. So, I am going to get a tree this year.

Keep the faith friends. Most days, it’s all we got. Peace and love.

Day 624 Grateful day

Today is Thursday. Today, most americans celebrate Thanksgiving. I look at the designated holiday as a day to remember to be grateful. I don’t think we can be reminded enough about being grateful even if they are only for little things. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving per se because of the history. But, I like to make something positive out of things like this. We tell each other as a family what makes us grateful. Even with all the pain, injustice, betrayal and grief for the violence, I am grateful that I have a family and I have some friends who love me. So, I’d like to do away with “Thanksgiving” and call the third Thursday of November, “Grateful Day.” That wouldn’t go over big with most americans.
I wish you a day that brings up all the things you can be grateful for.

peace and blessings…:)ย  I’m grateful for you!