Day 599 Winds of change

Today is Sunday. Today, tropical storm Jose is supposed to descend on New England bringing lots of rain and high winds. I was thinking about how many times I have heard people say the winds of change are upon us.
You can stand against it and try hard to resist or you can slip into the stream and go with it. Either way, it’s going to happen. Some winds are sweet and refreshing, others, not hardly.
When the strong blustery winds come through threatening to wreak havoc. They may seemingly undo all the work that people have worked so hard to put in place.
It is discouraging and incredibly frustrating but we can’t expend all of our energy on the rant. We have to pick up the pieces and move forward. We will be the zephyrs of change.
I spoke with a very dear woman who is native. She was torn up inside by the fact that one of her Elders, a man of great integrity, compassion and a staunch fighter for his people is making his final journey home. She mentioned how she wanted to be like him.
She is already like him. She stands against the foul winds of change and speaks passionately for her people’s rights and the rights of all.
She may not think herself eloquent or a pillar of strength; but she gives me courage. She inspires me. She is a mess health wise, but that does not stop this incredible woman.
You are a heroine to me, Rachel. Blessings and peace to you, lady.

Love is the soft breeze that tugs at our hair, caresses our skin, carries the scent of fragrant flowers. It makes our hearts survive life’s pain as we share with others.

Matt was able to sing today.  He loves to sing.  I could hear the music in his heart when we spoke this evening.  That just lifts me to the mountaintops..:)

Much much love my friends.

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