Day 595 Homeless

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent some time painting and making projects for some who are very near and dear to my heart. If I promised to send you something, trust me, I am working on it. Sometimes money and time become an issue for me. I have not forgotten.
Today, I made a trip out to the post office. I ended up at the long light again just before turning under an overpass. There stood an older man off to my left with the familiar brown cardboard sign indicating that he was homeless.
Sometimes, I get it right. I had made up another bag right after giving one out to a young woman some weeks ago. This one was sitting on the front passenger seat of my car. So, I was able to just roll down the window and hand it to him.
I have made it a point now to ask these poor souls there names so I can greet them properly, give them a bag of supplies and tell them they are in my prayers. They are not just labels called “homeless.”
Praying; makes me think of the dude who tweeted out that Paul and I were somehow deluded by our son because we are religious. That’s priceless. Yup, we are Veterans who held top security clearances, with master’s degrees, and research skills that would put most legal aides to shame and yes, we are Christians and we pray. By the way, all three of us do have integrity and about being deluded: NO. The only people deluded here are those who trust their government to tell the truth.

(Thank you Barrett Brown for stepping up on Matt’s behalf).

Do something cool. Go fill up some bags and don’t forget the mittens and socks for those who need some kindness. It’s a very rough world out there.

Peace and much love friends…:)

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