Day 588 Aussie angel

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was on my way to the post office to mail off a letter. I got caught at a long light coming off the interstate. I was just a tad perturbed until I saw a girl about 20 years old in worn out jeans holding a cardboard sign that said “I’m Homeless,” walk to the corner from under an overpass. So young..:(
I reached behind me and grabbed one of my loaded goodie bags of food, toiletries and socks. I opened my window and called her over. Her eyes grew big as I handed her the bag. She hugged it to her chest and cried, “Oh my god, thank you. Thank you so much. This is incredible.”
I glanced in my rear view mirror. The traffic had accumulated behind me as we waited for the red light to change to green. It was a long time. You know not one of the 6 or more cars behind me gave anything to that girl.
People might think it was fate that my car would be the first car in line and I’d meet up with this girl. I don’t believe in fate; I believe in God. I was there because He knew I try very hard to be prepared.

Today, I received notification that my dear sweet Shell sent 3 pug books to my son and blessed me, too. Shell, I think you are an Aussie angel and you won’t convince me otherwise. Much love.

Peace my friends…you are treasures.

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