Day 585 Brown eyes

Today is Sunday. Today, I fell in love with a pair of big brown eyes.

Tousled hair and a feisty sparkle in copper flecked brown eyes.
He wrinkled his nose trying to get my scent.
His whiskers cleaned by a flick of pink.
I said hello and he danced in circles making me laugh.
“Oh you little flirt,” I teased him.

I think about my black pug we left behind when we sought asylum. Most people would think I was cruel to leave my dog who had only known us for 8 years. We only had Cleo for a few weeks when our place was hit by a tornado and we were all displaced for 6 months. After that horrific ordeal, she would shake all over and run and hide whenever the wind got particularly breezy.
I grieved for a very long time after leaving her She is with friends who adopted her right into their family and where she is today at the age of 12. I miss those big buggy brown eyes.
Pugs are people dogs. They would rather be with people than other dogs. They are feisty and too smart for their own good. Cleo used to pull Matt’s socks of his feet, run and hide them. She loved to tease her buddy.
We still talk fondly of Cleo. When she passed gas, she would jump and bark startled by the sound . For a very smart dog, she never figured out that the sound was coming from her. We laugh every time we think about it.
Matt wants another pug. He just loves the personality of that breed.
Hmmm, I think a pug is small enough to sit on the front of the snowboard as Matt tears up the slopes. Ha ha ha…one has to keep hope, eh?

Today, I saw a Airdale with beautiful brown eyes that danced in circles when I said “Hello.”

Animals; we are so blessed to share space with them.

peace my dear friends.

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