Day 577 Peace be with you

Today is Saturday, October 7. On this date in 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed a nuclear test ban with the UK and the Soviet Union. How backwards we have fallen.
I don’t much care who you voted for in the US elections, but one thing is certain, there is too much ease, too much rhetoric, too little statesmanship, and too little respect regarding war and nuclear war.
Today, I took a walk downtown Concord past the capitol building. I noticed things like a piece of the sidewalk in front of a building engraved with “Remember to care for your neighbor.” I saw a quote hand lettered on someone’s business vehicle and it said, “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its most vulnerable.”
I was constantly reminded about caring for other people. You know that resonates with me. There is sense of social justice in the air.

Warmongers and their toys

Blood splashed against the rocks; it made no sound
No songs escaped through dozens of lips
No bright red ball flew high today
Only empty shoes scattered across the scorched
No books to read, no paper to write
Future artists, engineers, doctors, chefs, teachers
Dreams are dead like the dreamers; what’s left?
Rubble and dust, rubble and dust, rubble and dust

(for the children of Yemen)

Yes, we supply the military armament for our brutal allies.

Today is Saturday. Are we talking about how to take care of the vulnerable? Are we talking about peace?

Matt called for a couple of minutes. He said peace is not popular because there is no money in it and it requires sacrifice, but it is the very thing we need to work for.

Peace be with you.

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