Day 576 hacking of a different kind

Today is Friday. Today, I decided to hack my cpap machine. I mean I was erroneously accused of being a computer hacker once by a woman who thought anyone who knew more about turning on the power button was an obvious hacker.
Well, I know nothing about how to hack a computer but I figured out how to change settings on airflow for my breathing machine. This is supposed to be done only by a tech or a doctor.
To get the settings changed, I’d have to set up an appointment and go through another sleep eval according to a very inflexible and rude nurse when I was back in Indiana.
Why? If it’s working and I just need an adjustment why the major ordeal? I’ll tell you why: $$$
Frustrated and not sleeping well, I decided to hack my machine. Oh, I am so glad I paid attention way back when..;)
My airflow is increased and I am hoping to get a better night’s sleep.

Get some good sleep and get back in the good fight. Too much darkness out there. We need to bring more light in the world.

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