Day 575 Friend

Today is Thursday. Today, I spoke with a dear friend. We talked about what it means to be a friend. There are many out there who will say they are your friend but their idea is different from ours. Because really, they are talking about acquaintances. Friendship requires a level of trust, commitment and most importantly, honesty.
Perhaps, I expect too much; but I expect the same from myself.
My idea of friend involves love and caring, encouraging and leaning on. An honest friendship weathers through difficult times, differences of opinions, and mistakes because none of us are perfect by a long shot.
Some people are not ready for that kind of relationship because they are too damaged to give. Healing has to take place before they can really be a friend.
Love them anyway and give them space.
We are all at different stages of growth and understanding.
I hope you have friends in your life who make life worth living and the struggle a bit easier.
I miss my son, who is also my buddy.


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