Day 571 Bravery in peace, cowardice in brutality

Today is Sunday. Today, I watched with a mixture of awe and anger as the Catalan people being subjected to brutality just for voting. I know I’m not being simplistic here. The vote is for independence. What I mean is that these people are doing it peacefully. They didn’t storm in with guns and tanks, yet many of them have been beaten and brutally treated by Spain’s police force.  Brave people, non violent people.
Will the Independence be good or bad for Catalonia? I believe that depends on the people. But, however it turns out, does not a people have a right to decide their own destiny?
I guess there have always been and will continue to be people who are brutal by nature and will gravitate toward law enforcement so they can abuse others with little or no consequence.  Absolute cowards.
Today, I spoke with my son, who has been continually filing paperwork to remedy this latest injustice. I have no clue as to what anyone else is doing but Matt continues to be his own advocate. I would really like to say he has an enraged defense team who is aggressively fighting for him. Heavy heavy sigh.
Today, I stopped by a local farm down the street from me. They have a huge apple orchard. The apples were as big as softballs and the most beautiful color red, MacIntosh, my all time favourite. I bought a bag and the car smelled like apples. The place was crowded with families going apple picking with their kids. Beautiful little snippets of life that help one not lose all hope in this crazy, dangerous, and violent world.
Tomorrow, I am going to bake an apple pie and figure out how else I can help my son get through this injustice.

Remember that song My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music? Well, mine are definitely apples, maple candies, autumn leaves, and children hunting pumpkins.
Think about some of your favorite things. End the day with things that make you smile.

Blessings and peace…:)

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