Day 570 Puerto Rico

Today is Saturday.  Today, the chilly weather swept in with rain and Autumn has visually arrived along with the smell of decaying leaves, pine needles, fireplaces and hot apple cider.

Today, I thought about the people in Puerto Rico.  They are dying.  They are wondering why it has taken so long for the US to send help.  I saw the tweet from our illustrious leader regarding the Puerto Rican people and I wondered if there are those who actually do live with stones instead of hearts in their chests.  Maybe they are the real “walking dead.”

Why do some people have to suffer so much and others so little?  Maybe those of us with something, anything, can have the opportunity to touch the lives of those who have lost everything.  Maybe we aren’t meant to horde for ourselves, to enjoy without giving something back for how we have been blessed.

Tonight, I heard from Matt for a few minutes.  He wanted to pray for the people of Puerto Rico.  He said even he has food and shelter, albeit not his choice of accommodations, but that he had much more than many of the people there.  I don’t know that some people realize that my guys I write in prison have altruistic tendencies.  They are very compassionate people and they feel grief about the suffering of others.

If we profess to love our neighbor, it is an action, not just a nice thought.  We never know just whose life we might be helping to save.

Be someone of action.  Blessings and peace.


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