Day 564 What is a life worth?

Today is Sunday. Today, I thought about the “taking the knee” during the national anthem. Why in the world should that upset anyone? There is no disrespect. As a matter of fact, the respect is for citizens who have long been disrespected. What is a flag, what is a country without its people, all its people?
Is not flesh and blood, heart and soul worth more than material or bars of music? I am not unmoved by either but I must tell you that a human being, a citizen and how he or she is treated must be more important than symbols. Otherwise, you have nothing more than Nationalism and the worship of things at the expense of what makes a country, its
For a leader to use derogatory language against a man who is moved to support people who have been brutalized just grieves me.
Are we saying that a game, a flag, an anthem are worth more than lives? What is a life worth?

To those I have contact with in prison, your lives are of great value. You do not forfeit your humanity once the cage door locks.

Peace and much love..💖

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