Day 563 Five years and eight months…

Today is Saturday. Today, Matt asked me to describe every detail of where we live. Today, he said it seems so long and he asked if he will ever be free.

Today marks 5 years and 8 months of incarceration for an innocent young man.

I think about Jeremy Hammond who I believe has been incarcerated since 2012. What a terribly long haul for these guys. What an offense to them.

Maybe there will never be any justice here. But I will be outraged and I will be offended by the treatment of good young men and women who stand up for others. I will never say it’s okay. I will never be apathetic about it.

I’m going to send Matt and Jeremy a picture. You will see it first. It is the protected marsh down from my house. They say moose like to dine there..;)

Peace and love my friends..💕

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