Day 562 I will wait

Today is Friday. Today, I decided to tackle another wall with paint. Most people don’t like to do trim or “cutting in” work. I rather enjoy it. Usually, I get some music going and throw myself into the project. Today, I listened to Mumford & Sons. I particularly like the song, “I Will Wait.”
It’s interesting how a song or music can take you someplace and evome strong feelings regardless of most of the words. Today, the refrain moved me.
I will wait for you….How many of us are waiting? How many of us keep waiting for someone?
You know that I write a number of prisoners. The saddest thing I hear is that some have no one waiting.
Were they not loved by someone, anyone once who waits for them? Does love give up on people that easily? Does love run away because of incoveniences? Does love become so judgemental and finds unforgiveness an option?
Today, I wait for my son. I don’t know how long I have to wait; but, I will. I continue to have hope that Matt will walk through my door.
I think about my sweet friend, Judy, who waits for her beautiful daughter. A journalist murdered for exposing the truth, she will never come home.
For all those out there, especially those who have loved ones incarcerated and you die a little everyday wondering when your loved one will return, this song is for you. Don’t give up on each other.

For Matt: You know we will always wait for you.

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