Day 559 it clicked

Today is Tuesday. Today was amazing. Have you ever sat down with strangers and found yourself exactly where you were supposed to be and things just clicked?
Today, I met with 8 people I did not know. These people are from all walks of life. The things they have in common: a passion for justice, a passion to end the industrial prison complex, and a passion to help the released find forgiveness and second chances.
For the first time outside of those who support my son and his family, I have found like minded people who want to work at making positive changes.
I will provide more details when I can. I get to meet with these individuals again next month.
Today my son called and said he would like a dog. If you feel inclined to help, send him a book about dogs.

Power to we the people. They can’t stomp out all of us..;)❤

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