Day 558 a little outrage plz

Today is Monday. Today, I received a wonderful and kind letter from journalist, Matthew Keys. He is serving time in Atwater, Calif. He had his funds taken away through no fault of his own and basically had to straighten the problem out himself. His poor grandmother hadn’t heard from him in months. Funny, he’s got the same lawyer as my son if that tells you anything.
In case it wasn’t apparent, someone in the DOJ did an inquiry into Matt’s credited time and said Matt requested it. Now, I have one question. If this was an honest inquiry why would you lie? So, it begs another question, why?  (We know why).
According to the Federal rules of criminal procedure, it’s capricious and unethical to do what was done to my son: taking away his 14 months of credited time just as he’s considered a short timer for no apparent reason.
Am I wrong to be outraged? Am I wrong to be pissed off by the laissez-faire attitudes of some people who you expect to care?
Today, I received cards congratulating Paul and me. We found a place to live and an address for Matt. Thank you beautiful people.
Today I just want the people who can do something about this to be outraged.

Much love..💕

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