Day 554 No turkeys

Today is Thursday. Today, I saw 6 large turkeys eating by the side of the road. They are not particularly attractive birds, but they are impressive especially when there are several of them together.
There is definitely strength in numbers. There are so many causes that it’s easy to spread oneself thin. Yet we must have a passion for the things we want to do. Whether you believe in holding people in leadership accountable, prison reform, saving our internet, ending homelessness, equality and so much more I could name, find that thing which speaks to your heart and give it your best. Your best may come in degrees based on what’s on your plate at the moment. Commitment is the key. Projects and causes live or die by the commitment or lack thereof.
So, don’t be a turkey just milling about. Find something worthwhile to serve. Make a difference for someone.
Today, Matt has sent in two more administrative remedies. He can be like a bulldog when he gets something in his chops.😮
Today, I talked with a friend who invented something to help a 90 year old blind woman. She was so excited that the invention worked and worked well for the older woman.
I was excited that she was excited. Do you think helping others ought to make us excited? I believe so! 💕

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