Day 553 a lovely gift

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent much of the day painting walls. Ooh, I’m so dangerous with a paintbrush and a roller. I hear walls crying out for colour and Leann is ready to oblige.
It’s amazing how much you can get done with Latin music playing in the background. 😉
There are falcons in the front yard trees. They were not particularly fond of my choice (I had the windows open). I heard them calling to each other and it sounded a bit shrieky. I cheerfully told them, “Too bad birds. Find an alternate hangout. The music stays.”
Paul’s best friend drove up from 2 hours away and brought us a beautiful table and chairs. We have no furniture to speak of so this was a wonderful surprise.
I am so looking forward to escaping this hotel room. I erroneously decided to cook fish last week and the room still smell like cod. The smell is good the day you cook and eat cod not a week later..😖
Thank you to those who have reached out to me asking how to encourage Matt at this time. Cards are always a winner.
Thank you Gitta for your letter about grammar. Matt shared a piece of your letter and laughed as he read it to us. I love to hear him laugh.
Every day is a gift to do something that will make a difference.

Peace and blessings..;)❤


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