Day 552 the inhumane nouveau riche

Today is Tuesday. Today, I am reminded as the weather begins to change, the stress level for those who are homeless rises. They will have to face colder weather and there will be less people walking about to help.
I just read a story about a 26 year old, Miss Quackenbush, the daughter of a prominent lawyer in Nashville.😖
The woman parked her car, a Porsche, near a homeless man who was trying to sleep. He asked her to move because the fumes of her car was interfering with him trying to sleep. They started to argue. She went back in her car pulled out her gun and shot him twice in the stomach. Then she hopped back in her car, sped off and left him to die.
Today, Paul and I were in Manchester taking care of some business. We were talking outside when a homeless man approached us. We gave him a little money and one of my gallon bags of goodies. I keep some in both of our cars for such an opportunity to share.
He told me he has been homeless for 6 months. His eyes got big and misted. He looked at the bag like it was a Christmas present. He choked up while thanking us and asking for God’s blessing on us.
No, we did not shoot him, nor did we make him feel like scum because he was down and out. We acknowledged his humanity and showed him kindness.
I want someone to do that for me if I ever have to live on the streets.
Today, my son is trying to remain positive. It was a nasty and vindictive act to add 14 months back on his sentence. Yesterday was Matt’s opportunity to get home confinement or half way house. They quashed that. We are all crushed.

Don’t forget the homeless. We can’t help everyone but we can make a difference for at least one person and hopefully more.

Courage, peace and love..💕

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