Day 546 Signposts

Today is Wednesday.  Today, I got lost in the woods.  Yes, literally lost in the woods.  There are so many trees in this state that all the little towns and neighborhoods are hard to tell apart.  My 25 minute drive to the post office turned into an hour and 10 minutes.  My GPS quit 10 minutes into the trip and I was on my own.  Once I realized I had really blown whatever directions I had managed to remember, I back tracked.  I had been to the post office once weeks ago.  For some odd reason pictures stay with me.  I found a sign about media, an apple orchard, and a mustard yellow saltbox house.  Once I located these, I knew where I needed to go.  Most people have a sense of direction, me, I need signposts.

Why talk about this?  When you start feeling desperate or hopeless, you need to have signposts in your life that you can recall and picture.  Those signposts that bring a smile to your face and give you comfort in strange surroundings. They help you realize that there are more signposts to come so don’t ever give up.

💕Much encouraged..💕

By the newest stone…


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