Day 541 Matt

Today is Friday. Today, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on a radio show with my good friend, Ray. We were invited to speak about the torture, the injustice, and the imprisonment of my son.
While I am given the wonderful opportunity to share Matt’s story, I am reminded that he does not have much of an idea of the support, articles and dissemination of information about him.
He has only a few minutes a day to talk and it’s hard to communicate what is happening outside his walls.
Tonight, when Matt called, I heard something I haven’t heard in a long time:
profound sadness in his voice. He has been resilient and maintaining of a positive attitude for so long. Tonight, I could even feel the crushing weight of it all on his heart.
I just wanted to hug him. The cruelty is so painful. I can’t fathom this cruelty.
If you feel moved to do so, please just send him a few words of cheer. If you would rather give (I don’t like to ask), I have a paypal link.
I wish I could send a huge mega phone and we could all shout “Be of Courage Matt. We love you.”

Matthew DeHart 06813-036
FCI Ashland
PO Box 6001
Ashland, KY 41105

Share the story. Be of courage. Keep us in your prayers. Thank you..💖

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