Day 569 Super Heroes

Today is Friday. Today, I succeeded in obtaining my license. Wow, what an ordeal. Tonight, we chilled out and watched “Dr. Strange.”
I thought about what makes a superhero. I know many of them in my life. There is Lisa, who loves her children from afar as they have been taken from her. She still hopes, she still looks out for others, and she still encourages those in her life. There is Shelly, who fights for what’s right. She doesn’t have much in material goods but she’s always thinking about my son and sending him books. I think about my friend, Ronda, who spends her days serving the blind and visually impaired. There’s Tracey, who cares for an older couple and the homeless who seem to have been forgotten by society. And there is Doug, who deals with mental health issues but he writes and teaches others. There’s Ray, who will work all day and night to keep another from harm. And Pamela, who elbows, encourages and cheer leads the weary. Stanley, who fights for a people that very few will stand for.
There are so many more of you. You are far from wealthy, you are not famous, but you are the heartbeat of good in this world. You are the best parts of humanity. You are my superheroes.  I may have not put your name in the list, but it is definitely engraved in my heart.
And I would be remiss if I did not mention Paul who stalwartly fights the battle for his son every day.

For all those I write in prison, especially, my son. You are superheroes for rising above the suffering you have endured.  You are the people who choose to see human beings just as they are, human beings.

Blessings and peace my superheroes.

Day 568 Today I was told I didn’t exist.

Today is Thursday. Today, I ceased to exist. Today, I am using a bit of humour to describe a pretty pathetic event thanks to the Patriot Act and our infamous Homeland Security. (Sounds a lot like Fatherland, you know Nazi Germany.)
In order to get one’s license, one has to provide a myriad of documents to prove who one really is and then there still can be issues as I found out today.
Today, after my social security card, my current passport, my current driver’s license from Indiana, my W2, a bill showing where I lived and the deed to my house, I was denied a new license. I was told by the lady behind the desk that my social security number which I have had for umpteen years did not belong to me. I patiently said to her, look at the card, look at the W2 and for heaven’s sake, look at the passport.
Nope. It was not going to faze her. She said the computer told her it was not me. There has to be a scene in Orwell’s book that relates to this.

I was pretty well gobsmacked.

A bit frazzled and dazed at the idiocy of it all, what could one do but grab a Dunkin Donuts coffee and head out to the Social Security Admin office.  I took all my documentation and waited patiently until my name was called.  When I got to the window, the nice young man asked me what was up.  I told him that I don’t seem to go with my social security number.  I asked him if he could see me.  He chuckled, took my passport and asked what was the lady smoking at the dept of motor vehicles (DMV).  He told me everything looked fine and I was indeed the person to whom that particular social security number was assigned to.  I sighed loudly in relief.   “I am not a figment of yours or my imagination,” I said.  He laughed and told me to have a nice day.

So, tomorrow, I will try again to get a license.  One thing I noticed was how nervous people are about getting everything “just right.”  It doesn’t seem to matter if you as a citizen are treated like a criminal.  Common sense goes right out the window as rules and regulations galore become the all encompassing priority.  Obviously, there was a glitch in the lady’s computer but in her mind, I was the problem.

Today, my son called.  He told me he was quite sick of people treated his stolen time as if it were just a simple mistake on someone’s part.  Yeah, like hell it was.  Some nasty person lied and manipulated the information.  So be honest and call it what it is.  Someone had to plan this.  It wasn’t just an overlooking of some information.

Today, I had to drag my trash down a long dark driveway out to near the street.  I felt like Red Riding Hood…:)


Day 567 Keep shining; a matter of attitude

Today is Wednesday. Today, Matt called for only 4 minutes. I have to say that I am extremely grateful that even if it was only one minute (it has been a number of times), it’s a boost to my spirit to hear from him.
I’ve been told by those who know the law that we need to move quickly on this recent injustice to Matt. Still have not heard anything for a week. It’s the old ignore game again.
We let Matt know and he just sighs deeply. He knows the pattern.
Yet, he makes us laugh, he talks about positive stuff and he tells us not to worry. By the time the short call is over, we are smiling.
It’s really a matter of attitude. We are all in this together, so we shore each other up as best we can in an ugly situation. We strategize, we make plans, and we pray a lot for good people to step up and do the right thing.
Life is a series of valleys and peaks. Sometimes the valleys are so deep and so long until we see peaks again. But all through this, we must have an attitude of gratitude and hope. Gratitude for the people we touch and who touch us along the way. Hope that truth will not only prevail but justice and righteousness would eventually come.
And, during this arduous journey, we give support to those who are struggling and suffering, too. We take everything we learn to use for future good. We bind up the wounds and let the scars toughen us up for this thing we call life. But, we never lose our humanity in the process, we don’t return evil for evil, and we keep the faith. We are small flames that keep the dark evil at bay and we show others how to hang on and become flames themselves.

Peace and blessings to all you little flames out there. Keep shining..:)

Day 566 Don’t just rage against the machine; do something..

Today is Tuesday. Today, Matt received a rejection from the warden for paperwork he submitted for remedy. I suspect this is the standard answer but it still points to a broken down system that serves no one. I wonder if there are any ethical or moral people.
Today, I am still waiting for Matt’s defense to be outraged. It’s not just the recalculating the credit, it is arbitrarily changing someone’s exit date from his/her plea.
Torture, false charges, denial of Brady material, imprisonment and recalculation of time based on prevarication. What does it take to be outraged and say enough is enough?

I suppose there are not answers for my questions.  Like my son says, don’t just rage against the machine.  Do what you can.  So, I will try to do what I can.  You can only change yourself.

For all the thousands upon thousands who have been deceived by a system of cowards and evil people, there are some of us who fight hard for change.

peace my friends…:)



Day 565 Black Magic

Today is Monday. Today, I spent 3 hours troubleshooting why my printer decided not to function even though I never had a problem with it before. My laptop was not seeing it. I salute techies. They would have figured this out in much shorter time.
But one works with what one has..;)
I remember when I was questioned at one of the first immigration hearings. The woman who was running the proceedings asked me if I was a hacker. I had to apologize for laughing out loud. If you know a bit about computers and I am talking about just a bit, some people look at you and I have no better way to describe it but like a witch during the Salem trials.
It’s almost perceived like you have some sort of black magic. It’s really and incredibly weird.
To all the computer savvy people out there who see technology as a positve way to change the world as my son did, I salute you.
Anything can be used for evil and it’s certainly not limited to lone people..we have a number of agencies here that use it for evil.

Question more. Peace.💕🌹

Day 564 What is a life worth?

Today is Sunday. Today, I thought about the “taking the knee” during the national anthem. Why in the world should that upset anyone? There is no disrespect. As a matter of fact, the respect is for citizens who have long been disrespected. What is a flag, what is a country without its people, all its people?
Is not flesh and blood, heart and soul worth more than material or bars of music? I am not unmoved by either but I must tell you that a human being, a citizen and how he or she is treated must be more important than symbols. Otherwise, you have nothing more than Nationalism and the worship of things at the expense of what makes a country, its
For a leader to use derogatory language against a man who is moved to support people who have been brutalized just grieves me.
Are we saying that a game, a flag, an anthem are worth more than lives? What is a life worth?

To those I have contact with in prison, your lives are of great value. You do not forfeit your humanity once the cage door locks.

Peace and much love..💖

Day 563 Five years and eight months…

Today is Saturday. Today, Matt asked me to describe every detail of where we live. Today, he said it seems so long and he asked if he will ever be free.

Today marks 5 years and 8 months of incarceration for an innocent young man.

I think about Jeremy Hammond who I believe has been incarcerated since 2012. What a terribly long haul for these guys. What an offense to them.

Maybe there will never be any justice here. But I will be outraged and I will be offended by the treatment of good young men and women who stand up for others. I will never say it’s okay. I will never be apathetic about it.

I’m going to send Matt and Jeremy a picture. You will see it first. It is the protected marsh down from my house. They say moose like to dine there..;)

Peace and love my friends..💕